Artsy Update

6 Apr

Finished a little 3D painting this week that incorporated drawing and building with “bits and bob’s” I found laying around.

Really think that I will be making a couple more of these.


Painting Day

17 Mar

It’s the start of spring break and I made some “Spring Break Resolutions” basically things that I wanted to get accomplished that May or may not happen…really just like New Years!

First on the list is painting…just painting. Over the years I have tightened up to much in my painting and so I decided I need to do it more and faster so I don’t think about it too much. Just do it!

Here is today’s accomplishments.



My other plans include reading…doing well on that one. I’m on my third book since Friday. House stuff…bleck…including painting my room, the hallway etcetera. I might find more interesting things to do though.

Portraits for Ghana

11 Mar

I have a website for my classes at school and we just completed a huge project for 160+ children in Ghana.

Have a look at North Peace Art if you want to have a closer look.

Thanks and have a great day!


Mixed Media Play

8 Mar

I was in one of my “what if ” mode and started thinking that I would like to embroider on a painting. So I started doing just that.


I haven’t gotten very far on it because I did choose to work on a huge canvas and I enjoy the embroidery when it is super textural and layered.


So I am just slowly adding detail and building it up.

I also played with a little thread drawing on my sewing machine. It was fun and I think I will incorporate it into the embroidered canvas somehow.




I’ve been working on an intense project with my students and it is almost complete and organized but it has been the stress of my year! One of our teachers takes students to Ghana to work at an orphanage building classrooms, housing etc and so this Christmas I had him take pictures of each of the children that lives there. I then spent a week teaching my students how to shade faces and their assignment was to draw a portrait to send back to Ghana as a gift. I am almost done organizing it but it has been a challenge. 100+ students drew a portrait but there were 165 portraits that needed to be completed. Huge task! To ensure every child got a portrait I ended up having to do a bit of Photoshop and mixed media for the ones that didn’t get a drawing. Here is a quick look at those and I will take more pictures on Monday of the final project.


Here is a drawing that I did to make sure that I could properly shade darker skin tones.


So Monday I will be staying at school until I have a total of 165 portraits ready to go. At this point I am missing about 20 but I’m hoping that they will be found at school inside students work folders. Fingers crossed! On Thursday they we’re suppose to sign them and give them back to me but a couple are missing.

So it has been an incredibly busy two weeks for me so hopefully thing a nice and calm this week since I am coming into a well deserved 2 week spring break!

Here is a Lucy shot just for fun.


New Technique

13 Feb

Last year I started playing with Tombow markers and really enjoyed them. This is one of the little pictures I did in my art journal as exploration


So I quickly realized that they were fun and wanted to teach them to my high school students but Tombow markers are WAY out of my budget reach.

So I started thinking about Crayola markers and wondered if they would do the same thing.

You bet your heinie they do!!



So the key to success is the paper that you use. You MUST use a heavy watercolour paper. Regular paper or even card stock will not work. Watercolour paper allows the water to float on the surface and “melt” the markers. If you try this on regular paper the paper will absorb the water and if you try to rub it you will find that the paper will start to rip.



So I made a video for my students detailing the 6 ways that you can apply the Crayola in a fun and innovative way.

1. Apply Crayola directly on the paper and add water. More water=lighter colour
2. Apply Crayola onto scrap watercolour and paint it onto your picture
3. Drop new colours of Crayola into a wet area you have just painted
4. Drop water into wet area to dilute the colour and create variations
5. Apply water on top of dry area to create patterns. Water will dilute the colour underneath and create lighter spots
6. Apply a different colour on top of a dry colour. The nee colour will push the previous colour away.

Here is the video I uploaded on YouTube for my students to access and thought I would give you a peak too!


Enjoy and I hope you try it. It fun and my students love it.

Little bit more…

19 Jan

I bounce around a lot in making art and usually have a couple of things going on at once. Not because I lack focus but have an over abundance of enthusiasm! I see and think of too many things that I want to do and really don’t mind the abundance of projects/ideas. It’s not like I have to please anyone but me in my art making.

So a bit more of my week of working.



All I have to say is hand embroidering through layers of fabric hurts my fingers.


I joined an online community called The Artstrounaut Club started by Teesha and Tracy Moore. I have always admired Teesha Moore’s art journals and jumped at the chance to join. They have provided so much inspiration and videos about their process and lives. Very inspiring! I’ve done several of these but only have photographed this one so far.



I worked on an illustrated quote project but it really didn’t work for me once I had added the quote and ended up reworking it. I really liked the background without the text and just found the text too big and busy. Oh well sometimes things work and sometimes the don’t. I get, looking back at the photos, that it is fine… But it doesn’t sing to me…I need my work to sing…

Off to bounce around on some painting, then quilting…maybe some embroidery…Sundays are not a day of rest for me!

Art Quilt Progress

5 Jan

I thought I would share a bit of my progress today on an art quilt that has been rattling around in my head for a couple of weeks.



I messed up a bit in the steps but, oh well! Spent quite a bit of time couching the tree and will finish that tomorrow. Next up will be some embroidery and beading.

Thanks for looking!


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