Creative Heatwave!

It doesn’t normally get very hot where I live. Usually it’s quite nice and manageable but last week we had a couple of days that hit +30…not very usual for us.

Of course that’s when we decided to rip out the old flooring in the house and install new stuff. Luckily the people that installed the linoleum and tile didn’t do a good job so it was really easy to pull out!

Here is a picture of the old stuff and the new…and my little Shih Tzu getting into the middle of everything!


It took us a couple of days to get the kitchen and living room done. We still have to do the hallway and three bedrooms so next week is going to be busy.

With doing this flooring it was hard to fit in doing any painting. And honestly I didn’t really feel like it, so I took a break. However that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do creative “things”. I wanted a new skirt so one morning I made a cute skirt…sorry for the poor shot!


Then I decided that I wanted to bring up a wool rug that we had downstairs but I wanted to try over dying it. So I took the rug outside and it looked like this.


I wanted it to be a darker turquoise but it ended up being more blue. I still have to let it dry some more and it is currently hanging in my stairwell.


I finally got back to painting yesterday and spent some time on this painting.


Quite happy with her and I decided that I would spend some time on backgrounds instead of worrying about creating a 100% complete work. Today I made four backgrounds. Two on canvas and two inside my art journal.




Next week I have to finish painting the hallway and start moving stuff into my studio down stairs so we can finish the flooring. After the flooring is finished then the big job of organizing the studio starts…not looking forward to that!

Art Prints and Originals

I got excited when I bought my lovely , new Epson scanner and started scanning artwork that I had previously made in sketchbooks. Some of what I had done in sketchbooks is larger than the printer bed or had the seam of the binding showing so then I had to start playing with photoshop to figure out how to stitch the work together so that I could offer it as prints in my Etsy shop.

I have been painting this week but I little less. I have been working hard trying to install the new laminate flooring that it going everywhere upstairs in my house. While it is looking great and installing easily enough it also means that I really don’t feel like doing much else after I am done for the day.

But I did spend some time updating my Etsy shop today so I thought I would share some of the pictures with you. Clicking on the picture will take you directly to Etsy where you can purchase my original art or a print.

Thanks for looking!

Creative Languages 8x10 Etsy


Cheezies Etsy

Listen etsy


Mushrooms Etsy


Continue Creating!

I have been creating paintings like a mad woman and have really been enjoying doing it. What I have been struggling with is keeping the blog updated with my progress. I’ve been doing it but it has started to feel more like a chore and I have only been giving it minimal effort. So I decided that more effort but less posts was the way to go. I will want to make sure that I am posting regularly but not having to spend a significant amount of time getting everything organized EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I have spent several, frustration filled days trying to get my printer to work properly. One of the goals that I had was to not only sell the original paintings but to offer prints of the paintings so that I can have some larger sizes available. The new scanner is awesome and I love it so much I want to hug it…but I won’t…the minute I love an appliance enough to hug it is when it decides to go to appliance heaven. My printer is and Epson Photo Stylus R1800 that I have had for a couple of years. I cannot find ink in the little town that I live in so I have to either order it or travel to go get it. So earlier this week I made a trip to get ink…and go to costco!! So I picked up my ink, some lovely art supplies and a whole bunch of food stuffs from costco.

However, to my frustration, the ink that I bought was DRIED OUT! I travelled 2.5 hours each way and the darn ink that I bought lasted 5 head cleanings. Grrrrr. One of the more frustrating things about my printer is that it has been designed to not work once you run out of one colour. I was held hostage by my printer and it taunted me with “nah nah nah na na nah” So off to to order MORE ink. I might as well have just through $20 on the ground and jumped up and down on it, laughing manically, for all the good it was to spend money buying an empty ink cartridge.

Not only was I held hostage but then I had to figure out why it would only do “quick prints” prints with lines in them and not any type of quality. I ended up having to google “why is my epson r1800 not printing” before I found a page of people that had similar problems and scrolled through about 4 pages of ideas before I found out what would work. In amongst all of this I have been painting and reading and enjoying the start of this lovely summer.

So from now on I will be posting several days in a row of artwork, rather than everyday. I have also included links to my easy store should you wish to purchase one of the paintings…or 2 or 10…I would love you forever and send Christmas cards every year if you bought 10 paintings…just saying :)

Purple Lollipop Painting Purple Etsy     Green Lollipop Painting  Green Etsy   Yellow Lollipop Painting Yellow Etsy Orange Lollipop Painting Orange Lollipop etsy   Gummy Bears Painting Gummy Etsy

Day 27

I am still going to do two more lollipop paintings but I decided today was a gummy bear day. If you are just seeing my blog today I should explain.

I am doing a personal artistic challenge of painting/creating for 101 days straight and I am currently on Day 28.


Tomorrow is going to be interesting since I have a busy and long day planned so squeezing in a painting will be a challenge.

Etsy Shop Update

I have been working hard to update my Etsy shop and get the artwork I have been making for the last month up and ready to find homes on someones wall.

I thought I would show you some of the work that I have listed now and if you are interested in buying something you could have a look here!








I will continue updating Etsy as the weeks go on so if there is something that you were interested in let me know and I will get in into the shop pronto!