Artsy Faces Update

My artistic endeavours have taken a few detours over the past month. Organizing my 620 sq. feet of basement space to be a studio was/ is a huge task. Still not quite finished but it’s really it’s down to tweaking things.

I then decided I needed to paint my bedroom. This lead to reorganizing and purging of all the cloths that are too big or unworn.

And I started knitting. I knew I was in deep when I knit 5 scarfs and a pair of boot cuffs in four days. All while watching three seasons of Suits in…um…4 days. It’s really good if you haven’t seen it.

However I did realize I had not posted any updates of the faces I was working on. I finished all the background painting and now need to do the pencil crayon part. So you get a page by page update! Lucky you!

Cover…I need to figure that one out. So no point in posting a picture.

Mermaid and Deer Girl


Big Hair Girl and Russian Nesting Doll Girls


Owl Girl and Peacock Girl (unfinished)


Cat Girl and Medusa


Octopus Girl and Fairy Girl


Flower Girl and Steampunk Girl…these two have less going on right now in the theme department but that’s the plan right now.


Girl on fire and Siren


As soon as I can drag myself away from knitting I will get these finished. It’s easier to watch tv and knit than it is to do this type of work. I just finished Call The Midwife. Love that series too ( yes I did it over a couple of days…no commercials is heavenly!)

I think I watch too much TV! More Art less TV on the agenda.

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