Artful Island

My art supplies have/had multiple homes. The entertainment unit in the living room has two cupboards full of supplies. The office had a huge cabinet that had more supplies…plus the closet in the office…and behind the door in the office. The room that we call “Lucy’s Room” has the dogs kennel (it’s a big kennel for an 85 pound dog) a freezer, a cabinet and closet for extra kitchen stuff and shelving for more art supplies.

So I started moving all that stuff downstairs when we started doing the flooring. The intent is to have a functional, working studio that is organized and holds everything that I want.

I need a table for working, a space for my laptop, a sewing space, supplies storage, fabric storage, canvas storage and a place for the treadmill.

Luckily the basement space is huge and I already have spaces delineated for studio, sewing and books.

However it now looks like this….prepare yourself…



The cabinets that I already have are not being used to their best potential and everything needs a proper home. So the first task was to make an island for the centre of the room that will hold all my canvases and paper and give me a workspace that can take whatever I throw at it.

And I don’t want to spend that much money.

We started with repurposing some bookshelves. Luckily I had 4 that worked together and that made it as big as I wanted the island. I’m tall and I didn’t want to hunch over a table so the table is quite high.

We screwed them together and then added a 1×4 frame around the bottom.



Then using 2×4’s we create a structure that we could lay shelving on so that the inside of the island could hold paper and canvases.




Next we had to make a sturdy top and link everything together. More 2×4’s and another frame structure and a whole bunch of screws and we had a good space to lay our top on.



I forgot to take picture but we did add dome vertical 2×4 supports under the frame that we made…just in case I decided that I wanted to dance on top of the island…not likely but you should always we prepared!

Next we added a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood that we cut down to overhang by two inches all the way around.


The final step was to add some 1×2 all the way around the top to disguise the edge and make it look like a finished top.



So now I have a 6 foot long and 3 foot wide art island. I did paint the raw wood light grey. Simply because I didn’t want to go too crazy on the colour on the top. I did consider a funky colour but thought it would be a bit much.


The cost ended up being under $80 with the most expensive thing being the plywood for the top. The 1×2’s and 2×4’s were not that expensive and reusing thing we already had really made the biggest difference.

So the next post is going to be the completed room. Soon after the island was built it was stacked high and I was unloading and reorganizing and the whole place is/was a chaotic, hellish mess. I know that it has to get worse before it gets better but…whoa.

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