Desk Makeover

As we were working on doing the new floors we also decided that it would be a good time to declutter some of the rooms in the house. Part of that meant getting rid of accumulated stuff such as old paperwork and organizing the HUGE amount of yarn that we have. I also had to start moving more of my art supplies downstairs where I am going to be setting up a proper studio.

One of the things that also needed a makeover was a desk that I have had since Grade 8 or so. Mom and Dad made the desk for me and I have hung onto it for (cough,cough) 25+ years…that sentence hurt to write!

Originally it had a rectangle of pink on the top and the drawers were painted pink. Sometime in the 90’s Mom decided to paint it and it stayed like that ever since.


Sorry I forgot to take one with the drawers in. The top was its own particular brand of hideous. It had this weird texture to it and sort of looked like mould. I never liked it (sorry Mom!)

So the first thing I did was paint the body and drawers dark grey.


Do you like my new apron? It’s for work…I enjoy the cats and my previous one had owls on it but was quite well loved.


The idea was to sand the top and see what happened. I was hoping that whatever paint mom had used would come off easily. Wishful thinking! After two hours of sanding I started to think that I could like the layered weathered look!



So then my goal was to make sure that I had plenty of layers of paint showing through. I do like that I didn’t obliterate all the previous work done on the desk before me. The pink from Grade 8 is still there. The layered, textured weirdness transformed into something interesting with the sander. And I added my own touch to it.


Once I liked the top/was totally sick of sanding I decided that I liked it but it was a little too “candy” so I wanted to knock it back a bit. Since there was plenty of wood showing I pulled out some black wood stain and applied a layer over everything.


Yay! So happy!

So next the adding of the new knobs was handed off to Mom since I suck at measuring and I just HAD to have the pulls with two screws.

So here is what the top looks like now.



The overall desk now looks like this.


And the drawers look like this now.


There are a few decorating thing still to do in the computer room but I am really happy with how it looks.

So next time I will start to show you what my basement studio looks like. We built a work bench/ storage island for under $100 so I’ll be posting about that. Be prepared for a little hoarder-sequel photos though. Moving over thing into one place really has highlighted how much stuff I have. I think I am going to have to quit buying supplies…nah.

2 thoughts on “Desk Makeover

  1. I love how you managed to retain the history of the desk tops various colour phases. It looks wonderful and so does your apron!

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