New Ideas

I thought that I would show a few of the things that I have been collecting in my Pinterest boards lately.

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I LOVE Pinterest SO MUCH. Basically because I am such a visual person that I like to be able to scroll through a board and see what I was interested in or that I wanted to remember.

I recently started reorganizing them a bit more and breaking down some of my broader categories into smaller, more manageable pages. So rather than have Art Class- Drawing and Painting as a catch all I have added a could of new Art class Categories.

So onto what I am interested in right now!

I am loving the artwork of Stephanie Ledoux. Her website is here!

I love that she has included her travel journals going down the right side of her blog and you can look through them. Such as this one

And I loved getting a look inside her studio.

Can you believe how beautiful these are!

I am using her as an influence for my current class project and an incorporating the idea of collage with charcoal portraits. I can’t wait to see what my students create!

I’ve also be intrigued by street art and the idea of incorporating some concepts and processes in the classroom. Not the spray painting obviously but the juxtaposition of black and white and frenetic colourful lines and textures.

Such as this one
And this
And this

I would have linked directly to the artist if they had a website. I couldn’t find anything concrete and have tried to make sure to reference the artist name in pinterest if possible.

Oh…I also love this artists work. Jylian Gustlin

I would love it if you left me a link to your favourite artist right now in a comment. I’m always excited to see what is being created out there!

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