Creating an Art Habit

My goal is to make creativity a habit. To be able to easily and simply slip into the state of creativity without “the worries” sitting on my shoulder. I don’t worry about making the art-the technical aspects of being an artist. I find that very comfortable.

I wonder what I am going to do with it. I can only produce so many things before I say “Welp,  what am I going to do with this one”

I worry about “the vision”. I know that I can make the work but I have never been one to be able to say
“This is My Vision”,  at least not right away. I don’t like being confined to one direction and my creativity bounces me around the studio quite a bit!

I am compelled to make and create and I get mentally itchy if I am not stretching that creative muscle consistently. But do I say I paint landscapes or abstracts or figuratively….um. ..yes to all. I follow my fancy but I think I need to figure out the reason of my fancy.

So to help foster that creative habit I have been reading Twyla Thorpe’s The Creative Habit. I have also been making, without worry- every, single day. Right now I think that the worries don’t matter. They will work themselves out however they are meant to be worked out.

I am participating in the Documented Life Project over at Art to the 5th. It’s free and it’s interesting to document daily, in an artistic way, everyday. But of course being me, it wasn’t quite enough to do one book.

So I have my main book for DLP 2015


And my first page.


Which I added a bit to…My Year Of Awesome.


But then I wanted a more of a day planner type book. Something that could be used everyday. To think, to plan and to conspire the possibilities.


I started my planner by adding flaps and washi tape. This way I have a bit more space for play.



The flap that I added to this page is the right hand side that is dark green. I’ve listed my goals for the week and put some lines in with a paint pen, in the center,  so that I can make lists and take notes. I tried to pull an element from the DLP, the circles and butterflies into this second planner.

And finally, I pulled on of my mixed media sketchbooks and a quick collage. Something than can just be. I may use it later, I may not.


So a few things on my plate for this year…and I didn’t even talk about some of the things that I have dreamed of for My Awesome Year.

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