Nice to see ya!

Its been a while since I had time to even think about posting here. Life has finally slowed down enough that I can do things that are just for me again.

So my last post was in 2015 (holy cow…really!). From that time I have started and completed my Masters in Education, survived and fixed 4 separate basement flooding emergencies (the last one requiring that I take 5 days off of work to deal with) and continued working full time. Something had to give and it was my art practice. Everything art-related slowed down and it wasn’t until I started working on my thesis to complete my masters that I finally began to think about that creative side of me. But even then I wrote and defended my thesis in 6 months, which if you don’t know, is pretty darn quick.

My thesis was about how my artistic practice and my teaching practice, as an art teacher are related and how they inform and enhance one another. I actually really enjoyed the writing part of the thesis and realized that I do like to think deeply about the things in my life and explore how my life and my art are connected. During the hiatus from art-making and then jumping back into it my art-making has changed and the imagery that I feel drawn to creating has also changed a great deal.

Prior to starting my thesis I always thought about my art-making as being super eclectic and actually felt kinda bad about it. I looked at other artists and saw that they had that singular focus and vision in there work and I felt all over the place. I was exploring painting, drawing, charcoal, watercolour, pottery, art quilt making just to name a few. I had so many supplies in my studio that it was overwhelming to even contemplate organizing it. With the consistent basement/studio floods over a period of three years, I began to weed out the supplies that were for projects that I didn’t feel a connection too. For example, I had begun to explore art-quilting and within a couple of months had even been asked to write an article for a magazine. However, I got bored. The thought of sitting in front of the sewing machine or hand stitching was tedious and I was bored.

I wanted to be excited to get started on the next project. I wanted to be excited about seeing what other people were doing with the same medium. But I wasn’t, not about certain materials that I was experimenting with. So I pared back my supplies to two mediums, painting and pottery. I enjoy the creation process in both those mediums and get excited about experimenting with different techniques. And always, always, a completed project leads to ideas for the next.

I told a workshop in May of 2019 that really influenced how I was painting and made me excited about the process again. Here are a few of the paintings that I completed since September 2019.




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