Accomplishment and Make it Mine

Today I got a ridiculous amount of things accomplished. I painted the kitchen and am 3/4 done. I photographed and listed 6 more items in my Etsy shop. I had a nap. and I worked on one of the pet portraits that I needed to work on.

I’m not one that is able to sit still and do nothing for a very long period of time. I get antsy and start moving around too much. I HAVE to be doing things. I enjoy it though. I can get a lot accomplished when I put my mind to it.

I posted about my finished TEA wall plaques here and I finally have them hanging at my front door. You can see then when you walk in the kitchen and are just a nice simple statement.

The colour of the wall is my new paint colour but it is no very accurate. The actual colour is called Bluebird by Sico and is leaning more towards turquoise.  The colour here is a little more seafood green for my tastes. The light this morning was a little odd coming in the windows.

I also finished my next Make It Mine project. Oven Mitts from jeans. I was looking everywhere for a decent pair of oven mitts that were nicer than what Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire had and not $25 for each glove like some of our local stores had. Yes…$50 for a freaking pair of oven mitts. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. EVER.

So I went about making my own. Some Jeans, some felt and some scrap fabric and I had a fabulous pair of oven mitts and I don’t have to pay a darn thing!

So what up next? I have to finish painting the kitchen and then I had found this fabulous blog (but of course the info is on my work computer so I will just have to post about it later) with this woman that paints EVERYTHING and had painted a rug on those rubber foamy matt play things that you see in kids rooms. Well I am going to paint one for my kitchen so I need to organize that. Tomorrow while I am at school I will quickly post a link to this site. She is great!

I am making a headboard out of artists canvases, foam and some fabric so will probably finish that sometime this week. I need to paint this framed cork board so that I have something funky to take pictures of my Etsy products because I need to work on my merchandizing. And I have some old door fronts that I want to transform into a jewellery holder but you will have to wait on that one!

Busy, busy is how I like it!

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