Pet Portraits

Before Christmas i decided that I wanted to create a series of pet portraits for the living room. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats sharing our home with us (I know, I know any more and I become “that one” on the block) and i wanted to create something that would be with us forever.

These were created using watercolours and pencil crayons. I did learn my lessons about using the watercolour paints as a base though. You can’t see any watercolour because by the time I was done with the pencil crayons there was no watercolour left. I found that the pencil crayon had an intensity and luminosity that stood out from the watercolours. Don’t get me wrong they looked good as watercolour paintings but I was able to play with pattern and design because I used the pencil crayons.

Each layer of colour has a minimum of four pencil crayon colours to create the depth. So these pictures are 9 by 12 inches and it took me about 3 hours for 1/4 of the paper. I was cursing myself for that after a while but I am really pleased with the results.

I started by creating a silhouette of some photographs of the animals. I used head portraits because I knew that I wanted them to eventually have pattern in both the background and the image so i didn’t want the silhouette to be unnecessarily complicated. I then worked them on paper and later mounted them on canvas.

As I worked them I found that I had made some mistakes when drawing the initial image. Lucy is difficult to see because I was too faithful the the original silhouette and she has a weird jig at the top of her head which makes it difficult to see what is going on.

I still have one more portrait to post of my Shih Tzu Percy but I was loosing the light and so I will post that tomorrow.

Off to drink my oolong and make a stirfry for dinner! Tomorrow I will write about my INCREDIBLE DEAL at the salvation army and what I am going to make with it and show you what I made this week. And what I want to start next week….I have to many ideas floating around!



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