Watercolour Day 24 & 25

Life certainly does get in the way sometimes. Yesterday evening got busy and while I did do a watercolour I didn’t find the time to post it.

They are simply backgrounds for the lettering course I am taking. Must conserve time when you are burning the candle at both ends!!



Watercolour Day 17

So tonight I decided to play with watercolour and rubbing alcohol. While your water colour is still wet you drop rubbing alcohol into the paint and it forces the water out of the way and creates this really interesting texture.

So a picture of a fun watercolour technique, my palette and my cup of acai berry tea.


Watercolour Day 16

Today was a… day! Up at 5:30 to get in some exercise. At school at 8 and three new classes with new instruction. Come home to annoying news and then literally 2 hours of running around from one end of town to another.

I’m tired. This is not my best work. I cropped it to hide the hideous part. I like the part you see.

30 days straight is hard!