Sketchbook Progress

Summer is progressing along and I have been filling my days with house projects and trying to stay caught up in making some art. The house projects are going well 😉

I made a 14 page journal a couple of weeks ago and filled it with whimsical drawing that I completed all in one sitting. I did them quickly so I finished 14 of them in about 45 minutes. I wanted them to be spontaneous and creative. Not having to “think” about the direction and just go in a direction.

Here are a few of them



I them decided that I would, for now, work in stages on the paintings. Draw then base coat and then finish with some mixed media goodness.

I started tonight with the painting that looks like this.


The double pages look like this


I used pencil crayon to develop the face and sharpen up some of the edge details.



Pretty happy with her and tomorrow I am either going to prep some more pages or work on one of the painted pages.

Here are a couple more painted pages that are just waiting for some finishing touches.


Thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “Sketchbook Progress

  1. I am so excited. Seeing your pictures is like watching a movie. And seeing you move from the simple (your drawing) to the complex (your colors as you paint). Thank you for sharing!!!

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