Creative Heatwave!

It doesn’t normally get very hot where I live. Usually it’s quite nice and manageable but last week we had a couple of days that hit +30…not very usual for us.

Of course that’s when we decided to rip out the old flooring in the house and install new stuff. Luckily the people that installed the linoleum and tile didn’t do a good job so it was really easy to pull out!

Here is a picture of the old stuff and the new…and my little Shih Tzu getting into the middle of everything!


It took us a couple of days to get the kitchen and living room done. We still have to do the hallway and three bedrooms so next week is going to be busy.

With doing this flooring it was hard to fit in doing any painting. And honestly I didn’t really feel like it, so I took a break. However that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do creative “things”. I wanted a new skirt so one morning I made a cute skirt…sorry for the poor shot!


Then I decided that I wanted to bring up a wool rug that we had downstairs but I wanted to try over dying it. So I took the rug outside and it looked like this.


I wanted it to be a darker turquoise but it ended up being more blue. I still have to let it dry some more and it is currently hanging in my stairwell.


I finally got back to painting yesterday and spent some time on this painting.


Quite happy with her and I decided that I would spend some time on backgrounds instead of worrying about creating a 100% complete work. Today I made four backgrounds. Two on canvas and two inside my art journal.




Next week I have to finish painting the hallway and start moving stuff into my studio down stairs so we can finish the flooring. After the flooring is finished then the big job of organizing the studio starts…not looking forward to that!

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