Day 23

…I might still paint tonight…if I do I will post later. Today has been about experimenting and learning how to use some new technology. Specifically a new Epson Perfection V550 Photo scanner. I was unhappy with my older scanner because it was requiring me to do too much photo editing in Photoshop. And it did not like scanning neon colours accurately. My new scanner does not have the same prejudice towards my lovely neons!

I thought an example would say so much more than 1000+ words

Old Scanner



New Scanner

Teacup Etsy


So then I started scanning in lots of images that I have inside sketchbooks and playing in Photoshop to figure out how to repair the images so that I can eventually list them in my Etsy shop. That was exciting since they are pictures that I would like to share but not necessarily sell the originals. As you can also see I have started prepping images with a © for copyright for when I start getting things into Etsy. Thought it wouldn’t hurt.

So with a little planning I should be starting to put things into Etsy this week. YAY!

Oh…do you want to see the other images that I “fixed” in Photoshop? Here are some…

Mushrooms Etsy


Listen etsy


4 thoughts on “Day 23

    1. Definitely showed the biggest difference with the neons. Other colours not as bad but still not great.

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