Art Wall Hanging

My summer vacation is quickly creeping up and so that also means the work is gearing up and I have had little time to work on painting. This past weekend I squeezed in some time to create a wall hanging for a colleagues new baby.

I started with piecing together some scrap pieces in a neutral colour scheme. I then added some multicoloured machine embroidery. I them quilted it to make it nice and dimensional.

Next I painted Mya on with some gold Silks acrylic glaze. Then back to the sewing machine where I free formed a metallic purple thread around her name to make it stand out.

After I finished that I realized that it didn’t stand out as much as I would have liked so I started outlining with black thread. I then started doodling black thread flowers and vines as a frame around Mya’s name.

After I was happy with the final product I painted a canvas black and mounted it on the canvas using Gel medium. This way the wall hanging would look like it was floating on the wall.







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