New Technique

Last year I started playing with Tombow markers and really enjoyed them. This is one of the little pictures I did in my art journal as exploration


So I quickly realized that they were fun and wanted to teach them to my high school students but Tombow markers are WAY out of my budget reach.

So I started thinking about Crayola markers and wondered if they would do the same thing.

You bet your heinie they do!!



So the key to success is the paper that you use. You MUST use a heavy watercolour paper. Regular paper or even card stock will not work. Watercolour paper allows the water to float on the surface and “melt” the markers. If you try this on regular paper the paper will absorb the water and if you try to rub it you will find that the paper will start to rip.



So I made a video for my students detailing the 6 ways that you can apply the Crayola in a fun and innovative way.

1. Apply Crayola directly on the paper and add water. More water=lighter colour
2. Apply Crayola onto scrap watercolour and paint it onto your picture
3. Drop new colours of Crayola into a wet area you have just painted
4. Drop water into wet area to dilute the colour and create variations
5. Apply water on top of dry area to create patterns. Water will dilute the colour underneath and create lighter spots
6. Apply a different colour on top of a dry colour. The nee colour will push the previous colour away.

Here is the video I uploaded on YouTube for my students to access and thought I would give you a peak too!


Enjoy and I hope you try it. It fun and my students love it.

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