Little bit more…

I bounce around a lot in making art and usually have a couple of things going on at once. Not because I lack focus but have an over abundance of enthusiasm! I see and think of too many things that I want to do and really don’t mind the abundance of projects/ideas. It’s not like I have to please anyone but me in my art making.

So a bit more of my week of working.



All I have to say is hand embroidering through layers of fabric hurts my fingers.


I joined an online community called The Artstrounaut Club started by Teesha and Tracy Moore. I have always admired Teesha Moore’s art journals and jumped at the chance to join. They have provided so much inspiration and videos about their process and lives. Very inspiring! I’ve done several of these but only have photographed this one so far.



I worked on an illustrated quote project but it really didn’t work for me once I had added the quote and ended up reworking it. I really liked the background without the text and just found the text too big and busy. Oh well sometimes things work and sometimes the don’t. I get, looking back at the photos, that it is fine… But it doesn’t sing to me…I need my work to sing…

Off to bounce around on some painting, then quilting…maybe some embroidery…Sundays are not a day of rest for me!

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