New Year, Fresh Starts!

I took a bit of a blogging and art hiatus and feel refreshed and ready to start the new year with a little art enthusiasm! Sometimes it’s good to take a break and start again being re-inspired by your surroundings and experiences.

So I spent the very first day of the year working on a couple of projects- both old and new. I had started a quilt at the beginning of last year and I finally picked it up and was thinking of new ways to approach it. I’m not really interested in quilting in the traditional sense but enjoy a different medium to express myself. So while this quilt is looking traditional I an hoping to (successfully!) take it in a more modern, artistic and explorative direction…I guess time will tell but I am brimming with ideas.


My 14 year old Shih Tzu has had a rough go of it this year with developing diabetes, developing cataracts in a month due to the diabetes. He is adjusting and still is able to insert himself into the middle of my work space…little cutie!



I put the quilt together last night and the plan is to incorporate some appliqued images and a bunch of embroidery. Kinda jumping in without a plan so I guess we will see how it goes!

I also signed up for LifeBook 2014 this year and worked on the first exercise last night. I have been wanting to do more art journaling and so I put together a simple, 16 page journal yesterday and made the cover.


We also took down Christmas yesterday and put up artwork. I have been making so much of it that it is nice to see it up and honour it. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the making of it but forget to honour that process by displaying it.







I have more that I want to put up but for now I am happy to see the walls looking so lively!

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