Painting and Collage

This weekend I bought myself some dry wax paper to paint on. Dry wax paper has the translucency of tissue paper but is much stronger. I bought 6×6 sheets and 5x8ish sheets for under $20 and each package has 1000 sheets so I should be set for a little while!

The plan was to then purchase an online class about using dry wax sheets in mixed media…$15 later I was waiting for my instant download…guess I should have read the fine print! I was painting Sunday afternoon but got access Monday night! That’s fine I just experimented in my own.

So I just played with scrapping on and adding texture to the sheets. They can handle quite a bit of paint. I then cut out shapes and attached them to a canvas and added more paint to fill in the blank spots.




After I was happy with my backgrounds I needed to decide what to paint. I had been thinking about doing some portraits of my cat that had recently passed but I wasn’t interested in doing realistic portraits. I just doodled in a cat that reminded me of Zeke and then painted him colours that were reminiscent of Zeke’s colouring. They are cute and whimsical and a bit quirky…just like Zeke!



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