Garage Sale Mirror Transformation

I rarely go garage sale-ing because I always find something that I really don’t need but is too good of a deal to pass up. Then I end up with 4 coffee tables with three of them in the basement taking up space. Sad but true.

So a couple if weeks ago I went garage sale-ing and found this fabulous mirror for $10. And into the back seat you go my oversized new friend. I loved the ornate design of the frame and it was in really good shape.



So I spent a stupid amount of time taping up the edge of the mirror so I could spray paint the frame…ok…so really it only took about 20 minutes but it was boring, tedious but necessary. The worst part were the little tiny pieces of tape that would refuse to stick as I was placing them and would stay stuck to my fingers…thus the stupid amount of time!


Then I took the mirror outside and started spray painting the layers. In the end I did probably three full coats and a can of spray paint to get good coverage. I had to keep twisting the box it was laying on so that I could get all the crevices properly covered.


So now the mirror is laying on my kitchen table stinking up the house (because it is threatening to rain!!) and I need to decide if I am going to leave it the way it is…light blue, modern and pretty or continue working on it to make it light blue , antiqued and pretty….decisions, decisions… I’ll let you know what I decide!

2 thoughts on “Garage Sale Mirror Transformation

  1. Great find, especially for $10! It would be richer and more intriguing with another layer for depth, antiqued or something else. Sometimes (often!), more is more.

    1. I do happen to subscribe to the theory more is more also! Really if I don’t end to liking it there is always more spray paint! Thanks for the comment!!!

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