18 “What if’s”

At Christmas break I signed up for a number of different classes from Craftsy.com and have been creating like a mad woman ever since.  I am planning on putting them up on Etsy to sell and hopefully will get to that soon. I make them because I like to make them but there is only so many things that you can keep. i don’t need to become an art hoarder…

So I signed up for 2 different classes. Stupendous Stitches and Thread Art. What I liked about each of these classes is that it was all about the basics and then my brain can take over with the “what-if’s” I think that it’s why I have made so many thing sis because there are so many “what-if’s”!!!

So i present to you my 18 “what if’s”!!

IMG_2689This one was my “What if I made flowers and added them”


This is my “What if I fused some angelica and added that”

IMG_2698“What if I sewed ribbon onto the background”
Poppy Field

“What if I used beads and a crazy amount of embellishment?”

“What if I forced my sewing machine to do specific shapes”IMG_2859“What if I  didn’t add the machine embroidery”IMG_2860 (1) What if I used a florescent colour?IMG_2861 What if I overlapped the couching (That is the lines that have the second colour overtop)IMG_2862 What if I made one huge central image?IMG_2863 What if I used a pattern specific background?IMG_2864 What if I added flowers on top of that same background?IMG_2865 What if I did a circle!!! That was a woo-hoo moment!IMG_2867 What if I did really heavy stitching by hand?

IMG_2868 The next five images were from the next class that I took called Thread Art. Essentially it is outlining with black thread on the sewing machine and then colouring it in with pencil crayons. I decided that I wanted to do a fur babies wall in my house so I did one of each pet…I know…there are a lot…don’t judge!!! Above is my SPCA rescue Pepsi. She is over 15 ( A lady doesn’t reveal her age!!) and rules the roost!

IMG_2869 This is Emmie, another rescue. This time from someones garage. She had started biting the kids and they wanted to get rid of her. I guess that happens when you don’t supervise 5 children with a puppy, they start to bite. She is very afraid of children.IMG_2870 This is Lucy, my problem child. Currently barking at the birds in the backyard and generally making a fuss!IMG_2871 This is Percy, my first fur baby. He is 14 and thinks he is a lot bigger than he actually is…I think a lot of Shih Tzu’s are like that though!


And this is Zeke my holy terror of a cat. Zeke is an attack word in my house because he got yelled at so much as a kitten so Percy decided that he would “help”. I just have to say “Zeke” in a certain tone of voice and Percy is all over him.He is a hunter and serial killer of birdies and  usually hordes them under the bushes in the back yard. When not outside he is inside yowling to be outside or complaining that it is too cold outside and blaming me. He is a talker.

So that is 18 mini art quilts made in three months. I have 9 more on the go because I decided that doing Thread Art of kids would be a good challenge! I will post them when they are done.

Thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “18 “What if’s”

  1. There is no end to your talent. Each one of these is absolutely gorgeous! I also love that you rescue animals.

  2. Fantastic! I used to do some stuff on sewing machine, as well. However, it took so much time, so, I just paint.
    You have a lot of talent and a lot of patience. These textile paintings are very attractive, your dogs show so much character.

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