A few more slips

Day 2 of my slip class was just as exciting as day 1! On Sunday we applied different layers of coloured slip over top of the textured plates that we made the day before. These ones


So it took a little while to get the layers of colour applied. I would do one colour on a piece then grab another and do an entirely different colour. However by the time I got back to the first piece it wasn’t dry and I wanted to add another layer…so I started blow drying the layers. Normally you wouldn’t want to do that because you can crack your clay but I wasn’t interested in waiting for things to dry. So I ended up with 5 different layers on each plate.


I was really excited about this process since the next step is to take a metal scraper and gently pull the layers off. The more you pull off the more colours that you see.


So I started with one of the smaller plates and pulled off layers and ended up with this.



I like the paisley effect of this one. The colours are very muted because it still needs to be bisque fired and glazed. I won’t be able to show you that for another couple of weeks.

This next one I am not loving that much.

Maybe I will like it better once it is glazed…

This one I love!!

20130302-095844.jpg it really reminds me of an animal print. It will be exciting to see it glazed because it has layers of orange, black, sage and white.

This is the last one I made that day and it has 5 different colors and it was so much fun to make.


Yesterday was a Professional Development Day so I spent the day carving and printing a three layered Lino cut. I decided on this bird

It took all morning to cut out the three different tiles. One was background, another was the silhouette of the bird and the third was the details of the bird.



The afternoon was printing, printing, printing! Of course I didn’t take pictures of the steps but here are a few of the finished birds!









So much variety from one afternoon. My partner in crime (Hi Jen!) was working with a really cool jelly fish image but I didnt get much picture taking done.

Last night I was still excited with the possibilities so I pulled out my Tombow markers and a stamp pad and made these.





So much fun! Now I want to carve some more but I might have to do practical thing like laundry and cleaning and marking….Art is more fun…

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