Gluten Free Tuna Casserole

Sometimes you want the familiar foods that you use to be able to eat. Usually I surf the net looking for recipes that fit the bill and use other peoples recipes. I am a good enough cook that when I read a recipe I can tell if it going to be good or will need some tweeking.

Until I wanted Tuna Casserole. EVERYTHING had canned mushroom soup in it. Not gluten free.

So I made my own version of gluten free Tuna Casserole. This recipe has so many possiblities. Switch up the ingredients that you have and make it yours. You will notice that mine does not have potato chips on it. Might be interesting but I didn’t have them in the house and wasn’t going out for just that. So I went with cheese…lots of cheese…I like …LOVE cheese.


You will also notice in my recipe I did not add noodles. i don’t like gluten free noodles. Sometimes they cook up funny and really… honestly…I think they are really bad for you. The glycemic index is really high on any rice/corn noodle and so why bother.

If it doesn’t bother you pop ’em in. Your kitchen, your casserole!!!

You will also notice that I did not add salt or pepper to the recipe. I didn’t add them to mine but I tend to not add salt to anything that I cook until the end when i taste it and decide if it needs it. Between the veggie stock and the cheese it had plenty of salt for me but if you need to add the salt go for it!

I tried making my first PDF file… hopefully it works!      Gluten Free Tuna Casserole

Gluten Free Tuna Casserole

You need:

6 slices bacon (approximately)

2 bunches broccoli

1 onion

3 stalks of celery

2 cans of tuna

1 tsp dill

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp italian seasoning


  1. Turn the oven on to 350 degrees
  2. Cut the tops off the broccoli and put the stems to the side. Chop the tops up into smaller pieces and put in a microwavable bowl. Pop that into the micro for about 3:30 minutes.
  3. While the broccoli is in the nuker chop up the bacon into about 1 cm pieces and through it in a pan to start cooking.
  4. While the bacon is cooking dice the onions,celery and the broccoli stems and throw them in with the bacon. ( I just threw them in as I chopped them don’t worry about doing it all at once!)
  5. Pop in the spices. Use whatever spices you have on hand or that you like.
  6. This is going to have to cook for about 10 minutes or so. Keep the heat about midway so that you don’t start things burning.
  7. After 10 minutes take the veggies off the stove and stir in the tuna and pop it in casserole dish.

Start making the bechamel sauce while that is cooking

1/4 cup butter

4 tbsp corn starch

2 cups creamer

1 cup veggie stock

  1. Melt the butter. Once melted take off the heat and put in the corn starch and stir around.
  2. Put back on the heat and add the creamer a small amount at a time. Keep stirring and add the rest of the milk.
  3. Once the mixture starts to thicken start stirring in the veggie stock to help thin it out. If you want your sauce thinner add more stock.

NOTE: If you are not use to using corn starch you are going to start to panic at this stage because it doesn’t look like anything is happening. Keep stirring and let the milk slowly heat up. The corn starch doesn’t start to thicken until is gets really hot but once it starts to thicken it happens fast!

Pour the Bechamel Sauce over the veggie mixture and top with the cheese of your choice. I used a mozzarella cheese but an old cheddar or any mixture would work equally well.

Cook for 30-35 minutes or until the sauce is bubbling and the top is starting to get golden.


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