New, New

The end of 2012 was busy and I was a bit burnt out from work so I really wasn’t working on much art related stuff through December.

However vacation hit and I got busy. Of course none of it is finished but I have been keeping myself busy making stuff!

I started working on some watercolour painting and really enjoyed using my Peerless watercolours.


These photos were taken at noon and I would like you to notice how low the sun is on the horizon. Makes driving interesting when the sun is always at eye level! Oh well since we have passes the longest day of the year we will gain almost a minute of daylight per day. By June the sun will be going done at 10:30 pm and coming up at 3:30am. Probably no surprise that I prefer the extra sun to the extra snow!



I also signed up for too many online classes. Two of them are on and the one that I started with is called Stupendous Stitches. It is a multilayered art quilt that incorporates machine embroidery, hand stitching and quilting. I have been working my fingered to sore nubs with the hand stitching and I think that I am going to add some seed beads before I do the final quilting steps.



I am just waiting for some supplies that I need for finishing to arrive and when I have it fully completed I will post some pictures.

Last but not least it would not be a vacation if there was not some home improvement project involved! Today we took down a dangerous banister and put up the framing for a wall. Tomorrow we are going to drywall it and mud and tape it. After that we are going to put together the base cabinets we bought and then figure out what size upper cabinets we want to install. It will be nice to have the extra cabinet and counter space!


The new year has been off to a busy and productive start!

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