Pretty Things!

Yesterday was a day that I got to go shopping because I wanted to and not because I had to. Ya know what I mean…shopping for groceries and toilet paper is not fun shopping but looking at clothes and dishes and pretty things is fun! Even more fun when you just finishing 5 years of car payments and you finally have a bit extra money…just for fun! I don’t like window shopping for that reason. I have a hard time looking at something and if I really want it my impulse control is zilch, zero, zip. So I don’t like going out just to “look” because I usually buy things that I shouldn’t be.

But yesterday was just for fun. I really, really wanted some new clothes but I have been having a bit of difficulty finding things that I like. I have lost quite a bit of weight (80 pounds! Yay me!) but have not been able to afford new clothes in the last little while so I was making do with what I had.

Not fun. However now I find I am in between sizes and so the regular sizes are not quite right and the smallest plus sizes look crappy. And it really doesn’t help that a lot of the stuff in the stores in town ( very limited selection in a  little town by the way) is loose and boxy…not a good look for someone that is tall and turning out to be slightly boxy anyway.

I did find one dress…no picture of me in the dress…I didn’t feel like dress up today but here is the fabric. Snake skin-ey goodness. I initially left the store without it but it was only $20 so I went back and got it. The price of clothing is stupid and I really didn’t get anything else because the idea of paying $50 for a blouse just didn’t sit right with me. I’ll have to haunt the sales and see what I can get that way.

Next we went to Winner’s…I heart Winner’s… so many pretty things to look at. I ended up getting a couple of Christmas gifts and some dishes.

I loved the pattern and scalloped edge of these little bowls. They are going to be my new ice cream/ treat dishes.

I could not pass up these peacock dishes and I wish that they had more of them. I only managed to get two but I love them!

I had a purse in my hands at Winner’s that was a snake skin little one like this…not sure what’s up with the snake skin thing lately. Anyway it was more than I wanted to pay but I found this little one for $9.99 and it is perfect for  a project that I wanted to try so eventually i will do a post about that.

Michael’s is always fun but the stuff that I want to buy is really expensive there and I an get a better price elsewhere so i just picked up some ribbon that I wanted for book making and a couple of markers that I needed. Actually controlled myself really well in there!

On a whim we went into Fabricland so I could pick up this pattern and found out that they had their dress forms for 1/2 price so we ended up ordering one that I can pick up in a couple of weeks. I balked at buying one because they can run upwards of $400 but this one at $190 is a good price and they will hold it for me until I can get back to pick it up after it arrives!

So onto a more artistic front I have, as I have mentioned before, found that work is kicking my butt this year. I am having trouble getting to my own creativeness, which is bugging me. I am still doing lots of creative things but nothing specifically for me.

I thought I would share the painting that has been taunting me every time I go down stairs. I really do want to get going on this but I am finding my time limited AND I really don’t want to have to work in the basement after a long day. This painting is huge and I just don’t have the space to set it up upstairs so it has to wait until weekends for me to work on it. And then I have to get motivated. I’m not motivated to get motivated so it is an evil vicious cycle.

Forgive the bad lighting. The sun was coming in the basement window at a bad angle and really was not being cooperative today.

I have been playing with layers and transparency in this one. I really like the drips going through it and want to retain them without sacrificing the image either.

I have been working with this motif for the last year and really do enjoy the repetitive, stylized doodle type image. Mostly in my other work it was created with pen and ink and markers so trying to translate that into acrylic paint and have it look like a painting but not lose the style is an interesting challenge. This little section took me about an hour with a  few hiccups… not done, but I like the direction. I am trying to not have the painting tighten up on me too much and keep it looser.

So the rest of my day is to be relaxing and organizing some stuff. I think I will make sure that I make time next weekend for painting but today I am taking a brain break for the rest of the day.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Things!

    1. Hi Christie

      Thanks for the comment. I first glued tissue paper and paper from an old book down randomly. Then I dripped and splattered a contrasting colour over the entire canvas. i made sure to turn the canvas in different directions as I dripped and splattered.

      Have a great day!

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