Painting and Sunsets

Work and teaching started up again 2 weeks ago and I find that I have very little time for much else…pretty much usually for the month of September. Once I manage to get my classes in order and don’t have to teach something new in every class I will feel a little more settled. I am proud that I managed to memorize 120 names in less than 2 weeks. I will admit that it is first names only. I will recognize their last names when I look on the list but when I look them in the face I know their names…quite a task I tell you!

I have a painting downstairs that taunts me every time I walk past it but I just don’t have the time so I will walk past it and wish I had a bit more energy in the evenings and think that I will get to it on the weekends but they are always busy too. Eventually I will get it done. Probably when I decide that I want to use it for an assignment example and need to finish it!!!

I woke up to THE BEST sunrise last weekend and managed to get a few shots of it. It was spectacular and 5 minutes later it was gone.

I’d gotten up early because I couldn’t sleep anymore and when I let the dogs out I saw pink sky. I had to run for the camera because I knew it wouldn’t last long and was I every right. 5 minutes later there were just clouds and blue sky. Almost missed this one.

We had a spectacular bumper crop of red peppers this year. Perfectly formed. Bright red. They looked delicious. Except they were only an inch big. I have no clue why. Sad little things. They were cute…

They all fit inside a little, itty, bitty sieve that we have for straining the tea.

I have managed to fit in some art that is not school related. I am participating in the “Altered Brush Project” with Donna Downey here I thought it would be fun to participate in an international art project and have a little piece of me hanging in her store. It was fun to do and I should be mailing it out this week. Notice the bottom of the paintbrush where I created a scalloped edge! I really enjoy that detail.

So last week my students made thier art journals and I will have to photograph them this week and we started learning how to draw hands. This week we are drawing feet. I have two fun and unique projects planned for that and as soon as I finish the examples I will post about it. I had planned to get them done today but the brush took about 5 hours to finish and I am done for the evening.

Off to enjoy the rest of my evening!! Thanks for looking!

6 thoughts on “Painting and Sunsets

  1. I was also an AB participant and greatly admire yours. Wondered how you made the hairy part of the brush accept the painted-on details so smoothly. My guess, a thick coating of gel medium on the bristles as a foundation for the top layers? Yours was really a stand out and I’m glad you found time to make it and share it with the rest of us. Fun!!

    1. Hi! Actually two thin coats of gel medium did the trick. I thought I might have to make it really thick but I just used another paintbrush and applied it. Also added two layers of gesso so that the watercolour would have something to adhere too. Thanks a lot!

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