Fairy Wall Mural

So my summer has wound down quite nicely and I have to head back to work and teaching next week. Of course i use this as the perfect time to take on a wall mural commission! Sounds doable…yep…

Not that I would have said no to someone that I have known for 14 years…good god…I’ve been here that long…

Anyway, the deal was that his wife and daughter were headed out of town on Sunday and would be back on the following Thursday. he was totally revamping his 6 year olds bedroom and one of the things that he wanted was a mural painted in her room. She wanted a rainbow, fairies, leprechaun and I believe a mermaid was mentioned. I condensed all of that down and eliminated a couple things (the mermaid and leprechaun were just too much to add to a small wall)

On Monday I started and worked from 8am to 3pm…mural painting is exhausting, Tuesday same thing and then again on Wednesday. 20 hours of painting later and I finished this.

The final product is 8 feet high and about 10 feet wide…maybe 12…I didn’t measure.

The castle in the clouds was just fun and not something that either Todd or Molly had mentioned wanting.  Todd had recorded Molly talking about what she wanted in a mural in her room. In one sketch I had the rainbow stretching across the entire sky but wanted to give an entirely different feel in the second sketch.

I also added bits of glitter sparingly throughout the entire mural. On the castle, in the flowers, and out of a water bucket that the fairy is watering with!

I had a lot of fun painting their dresses and making them fun and fairy like. If I had more time they would have all had different coloured toenails but time was not on my side!

I love the wings on this fairy and the fact that she is holding a ladybug just makes me happy.

It’s hard to see on this one but I had added some gold shimmer paint to the pot of gold and it has a bit of sparkle to it. Too bad that is something that is hard to photograph accurately.

I love this ones dress too! Did you notice that they all have funky coloured hair. how could garden fairies not have green, pink and blue hair!

So I would definitely do that again…a second career as a mural painter…could do!




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