Birch Tree Mural

The stairway going into my basement has always been an eyesore. It was ugly, 80’s bad taste left over from the previous owners and it had to go. i tried painting it a you will see in some of the pictures but fiddley, picky painting is not something I want/interested in doing.

Then the spindles started falling out. Did I mention that the former owners of my house were “contractors” I would run screaming from a home that they had anything to do with. So anyways they had installed the spindles incorrectly and the bottom rail was sagging in the middle and the spindles started popping out. Super safe. There also wasn’t a handrail and I am a faller so going downstairs was always a test of courage.

We started out by ripping out the spindles and building a wall. Cheap and easy. The whole new wall literally cost us $30. We still have to do the other side so another $30 and we will have a safe stairwell.

Then, being me, I couldn’t just let a blank wall stay a blank wall. I wanted something simple that would only take me a couple of hours and I stumbled upon this post on And Then There Was Home and loved the idea.

I started at 11 am this morning and was finishing up by 2pm. Not a bad days work. I am not sure if it is too busy and I might have to take some of the background green and prune out a couple trees but over all I am really happy with the final outcome.

Photographing in a stairwell is really difficult and it it hard to get good angles. I couldn’t photograph from the basement up because the sun was reflecting off the paint. I’m going to live with it for a couple days and see fi I think it needs to be spaced out more or not.

So now it just needs a handrail to make it safer and I finishing on the top of the wall.

Thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “Birch Tree Mural

    1. Hi Peggy! You’re right I have decided to leave it. I love it too. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I always love those!

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