Hand-bound Sketchbook Part 1

I inevitably find store bought sketchbooks boring. And I kept buying them but I would find that the paper wasn’t sufficient for what I wanted to do. The size was too consistent and when I wanted to work smaller the fact that there was a bunch of white space left would bother me or when I wanted to work bigger I just couldn’t.

So I took an online class on how to hand-bind your own art journals here At Dispatch From LA with Mary Ann Moss. Awesome class and I learned SO much. i really want to take her other class called Remains of the Day Here but I think I will have to put it off for a little while longer.

So I thought i would share one of my handbound sketchbooks that I started. I have been sharing bits and pieces of it but it doesn’t give the same feel as seeing it page by page. What I love is that I used a good quality paper that I can either draw or paint on. I made the pages different sizes so there is variety and interest when you are flipping through the book.

So this in this sketchbook I dismantled an old book and used the covers and the spine so that my binding is hidden. I then decorated the cover and glued my paper inside. Easy, cute and totally unique.

So to create the cover I did a little random painting and then created the paint crackle in green on the front and back. A little doodling and my title lettered up on some scrap paper and I was finished. The 3-D effect under the lettering was created by simply drawing a grey line with a felt pen. makes it look like it is popping off the page. Then I sealed the whole thing with a layer of Mod Podge.

This is just the cover.

So when I was making the pages I did a variety of sized and folded, opening pages.

And open.

Page 2 was just some random experimentation with a water-soluble crayon.

Next it was time to experiment with my newest love/obsession Tombow’s. They look like a felt pen and then you add water and magic happens. Gotta get me some more!.

Page 4 is another folding open page and is experimenting with Inktense. They are a another water soluble pencil with ink. Unlike watercolours they are permanent when they dry.

And open.

Page 5 is another Inktense page.

Next is Mr. Octopus. At this time I had been waiting a month for some supplies to come in and was feeling sorry for myself and decided that what was better than to paint a purple octopus with pink suckers floating in green water. Not too much I think.

Next page is a little more experimenting with spraying inks and painting with watercolours. It’s not finished because I got bored with it, to be honest.

And the leaf page flips over to reveal…

I do enjoy the doily page all on its own and eventually i will figure out something to do on these pages.

And then my Peerless watercolours arrived and I got to play some more. I want to get more! Every colour (insert evil laugh)

And then both pages open up

The next set of pages is again playing with the peerless watercolours.

Then the page with the leaves turns

The pages are made using Pan Pastels. These pastels are interesting because they come in a pancake shape (hence the “Pan”) I’m not necessarily a pastel lover but these might convert me if I played a little more.

Next is my Artsy Lady. I wanted to incorporate an octopus into the hair but couldn’t figure out a way to make it look cool. Instead I added a little sail boat and gave the suggestion of an octopus by adding a bit of sucker-like details into the hair.

When you flip her hair  you can see a bit of a Leonard Cohen Poem. This was a pain in the BUTT! I had applied a layer of fibre medium onto the page and then had to try to write over top of that. Not something that I would suggest! I still have to finish this page yet.

And the last page to show you is another Artsy Girl. I started working on a couple of other things and haven’t gotten back to her. But I will!!

So i hope you enjoyed the little peek into my sketchbook. It is only about half complete so when I finish the other half I will do a posting.

So you might have noticed that this said Part 1. In Part 2 I am going to show my  visual journal that I hand bound so that the spine shows and using a larger variety of different papers. That should be showing up early next week.


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