Free Herself!

I have never had such  productive start to the summer. Usually I am so worn out from school it takes me two weeks to just adjust to a normal level of being. The first week of my vacation has been awesome and I feel like I have been so productive and not just sitting around watching the TV.

I have managed to be able to make and work on some art every single day. I have been bouncing around a lot but it has been productive bouncing around…if that makes sense?

This is a half finished page in one of my summer art journals. The other side continues the theme but I haven’t gotten to adding the details with the white and black pens yet.

The one that has been taking all my time and effort has been this monster! It was suppose to be a folded art journal that was 6 inches high and 4 inches wide when folded but I started it and just couldn’t bring myself to fold it all up. However now I am left with the task of figuring out how I am going to frame/mount this so that it doesn’t cost me a fortune in framing costs.

The real problem comes down to figuring out the best way to photograph it and I do have an idea for mounting it onto a canvas so i will have to blog about that later. Here are some close up shots.

I love this quote SO MUCH!!! I looked everywhere for a bit of a bio but there is really very little about the author, Monique Duval. The quote is

“She decided to free herself. Dance into the wind, create a new language.

And the birds fluttered around her writing “yes” into the sky.”

It is from her book published in 2000 called “Persistence of Yellow” found here and I do believe that I should own this book.

Well dinner is calling and I believe it is time to get busy making it! Have a great day!

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