Watercolour Octopus

I can tell when summer is almost here for me because I get to do and post more of my art that I am working on. AND I want to work on making art. The rest of my year is pretty busy and if I am making art it is because I am making examples for something I want to do in the classroom. Summer really is the only time that it is all about me…although I will tell the students most of the time that its ALWAYS about me!  That can be our little secret.

So i was a little jealous that most people in my online course had already received their supplies and were getting to move on to the next lesson which was watercolour. Rather than sit and pout I decided I would do a little watercolour for myself using my regular watercolours and that I would embrace the awesomeness that is the OCTOPUS!!! and make it purple and blue with pink red suckers floating in a green blue sea.

I had fun!

The close up show the bit of binding from sewing the book together myself.

I thought it was interesting seeing the colour difference between the photos above that were taken with my Canon Rebel XT and the one I took with my IPhone. The phone photo was also taken much later in the day so it has a very yellow cast and is a little blurrier. Mustn’t be lazy and should take picture during the day in natural light!!!


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