Lazy Day

It’s raining again today so deck building is not going to happen and so I am having a THIRD cup of coffee (which never happens) and figured that I could do a post from my phone.

I do end up taking quite a few photos on my phone and I am lazy about transferring the 1300+ photos on my phone to the computer. So here is a good opportunity to show a bit of my days.



I had the opportunity to keep the mannequin heads from the hairdressing program and decided to push my students out of their comfort zone. These are just a couple if shots from my classroom. Some if the kids were really freaked out about it. Didn’t help when I turned all of the heads so that they were facing the freaked out kid and asked “Does it seem like they are watching you?”



These are two pages from my latest online class I am taking with Joanne Sharpe. Wonderful classes that are inspiring me so much for my own art and stuff that I want to teach next year. The awesome thing about being an art teacher I being able to innovate and change what you teach every year. I could never be one to stick to a formula and teach the same thing year after year. I can’t get bored in the classroom and changing things constantly keeps it interesting for me and the students.





Yesterday we went on a quick road trip to Dawson Creek. I have been hearing advertising from one of their stores about how they have the “Largest selection of tiles in the Peace”

No. It should say “The largest selection of tacky crap tiles in the Peace” it’s fine of you want a 80’s tacky bathroom tile with a little bit of carnival clown craziness thrown in. Who tiles with Barney purple tile or fire engine red 2 inch glass tile? I love colour but that was crazy.

Anyway there is this pretty cool garden place that we like to stop at. They had some crazy cool giant sculptures. Although I almost don’t want to write that my favorite was the giant unicorn, Pegasus. Especially after my rant about tacky tile and honestly a would probably never put it on my yard but I am sad that I didn’t take pictures. A giant horse, pigs, rooster, unicorn Pegasus, steer were cool but I can’t see someone actually buying them.

I did enjoy the giant koi fish they had in their greenhouse. I took so many pictures that I found out you can max out hipstamatic at 9 pictures.

So today is about bad disaster movies, perhaps working on the deck if the weather gods cooperate and more likely making some art!

Happy Sunday!

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