Superwoman Strikes Again!!!

*Update* I am now offering my “Creativity” print in my Etsy shop! Look here for more details.


After a bit of a blog break I hope to be posting a bit more frequently. Just one of those times when you need to be away from the soul sucking computer for a little while. But now with a bit of a break under my belt and only 2 weeks until vacation time I am willing to spend a little more time in front of the computer. If only my fingers would cooperate and not twitch out to the wrong letters. You don’t know how many spelling mistakes I have corrected so far!

So three weeks ago I said to Mom that we should do a gravel walkway across the front of the house and make the planting beds bigger so that there were not so many weird little spots of grass to mow. Two weeks ago i came home to a gravel walkway across the front of the house. Serendipity struck and the fates aligned so that she was able to make the walkway. Then last week we went and bought the landscape fabric and landscape ties and new planting beds were born. And the final bit of chance happened yesterday when she walked to Walmart to pick up something for dinner and found out that the bark mulch was $3.00 a bag instead of the $6.00 that we had seen everywhere else!

26 bags of mulch and we went from this.

To this bit of fantasticalness-

The bit of green in the lower left corner is our daisies that are about to pop open. I’ll post another picture when that happens. The view of the walkway looks like this.

And the Superwoman that made all this happen (cause all I did was drill some holes and help with the mulch) is here!

The flowers are slowly coming up and I managed to get some Anemones this year. I love them but I think it is because they remind me of my favourites…Poppies!

On the art making front I have been doing lots and lots but producing just a bit. I have been working with Copic and Prismacolor markers but the work is VERY time consuming and I have only made a few pieces. I only have about 2 hours a day to work on them so usually from start to finish each of the drawings will take ma week. I have also been working on learning how to make my own hand bound books which is super fun and exciting. Here are a couple of the pictures I have done in the last three weeks.

This picture is now for sale as a print HERE

The last picture is a little different form the first two. It was made with plain old crayola markers because I wanted to see if it would be something that I would be able to teach in the classroom. It works but it really not the same so i don’t know if that is something I am willing to spend a lot of time with my students on.

So the next couple of weeks are going to be busy with starting another online course this Monday with Joanne Sharpe called Color Love 101. very excited to get going on that. I have school to get wrapped up, report cards to write, a classroom to clean and a summer to look forward to!


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