Dr. Who Dalek Tea

Loves me some Dr. Who.

Even though I only started watching a couple years ago I enjoy the quirkiness of the show. A friend had a birthday over the weekend so I put together a Dr. Who Dalak/ Tea inspired piece of art. I TOTALLY cheated on the Dalek and found an illustration of the Dalek here and simply printed it over my created background…despite my printer being cranky about the process. Next time I send a prepainted background through my printer I need to make sure that the paper is a little thinner than what I used for this picture!! (Took three tries!)

The quote is from an episode of Dr. Who where the Doctor and Amy Pond have traveled back to Britain during the blitz and Winston Churchill is employing the Daleks and in the war effort.

Since my friend is both a Dr. Who and a tea fan the quote fit perfectly. Well and adding “exterminate” was just necessary!

Happy Birthday Jen!

Had fun making that one.This next picture is another quirky quote picture. I was just practicing a new font using my own cursive writing and then making it artsy.

I enjoy the quote and should express that I enjoyed the original Gene Wilder version much better than the new Chocolate Factory. Probably showing my age with that one! I really am enjoying the quirky quotes. Next up are quotes from Serenity, Star Wars and Princess Bride. I’ll post them as I finish them.

What’s your favourite quirky quote? Give me some ideas!!


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