Art Journal Progress

I have come to the conclusion that as much as I like THINKING that I will be able to complete a month long challenge the actual ability to do it is not there. I don’t want to make something crappy but working full time, making examples for my classes and planning new stuff for said classes, taking an awesome online “Artful Letter” class leaves me little time to do things like read or relax!

I have made some progress on my art journal and I am happy with how it is looking and I want to keep it looking cool and rushing just to make some arbitrary deadline is silliness so I quit. I’m the boss of me anyway!!!

So the last three pages have been Grass, Shuck and Natal

The shoes that I was weraing in the grass picture were gold glittery shoes but I so enjoy the polka dot glitter shoes that I created.

The next word was Shuck. What the heck do you do with Shuck? Except rhyme is with bad words!!! I didn’t do that…

And last but not least I had Natal to work with. What was better than my Mama Deer/Baby deer stencil?

And a close up.

I have been having a great time taking my “Artful Alphabet” class with Joanne Sharpe and tomorrow I will post an example of a birthday present that I made yesterday. Can’t post it until I give it don’t cha know.

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