Marine Life

I have been enjoying my vacation with the exception of two dental appointments. Darn soft teeth and cavities! The appointment was actually a little fun today because the dentist I saw has a good sense of humour. When he came in to see me he made a comment about it being a boring little cavity. I said “Good! Because if you are excited about my appointment that means pain for me!” 15 minutes later I was done! Yes 15 minutes and 3 hours for the freezing to wear off.

So I have been puttering away at my art making and journalling. I finished a gift yesterday and just have to get it packaged up and sent away.

I’d started by creating the background and then painting the flowers over it. It felt a little plain so i decided that I wanted some sort of doodley background behind the flowers. I jsut noticed that I forgot to eraser some pencil marks that I had mad early on in the process. Sometimes I start with pencil and always regret doing it. I really do prefer to just jump right in and find that drawing it out before hand messes me up a little.

I find that especially when I start doing the lettering. If I pencil it out I mess it up. If I just jump in both feet I can come up with something I am happy with.

I have also been working on my journal pages in “Happy Accident” Yesterdays word was “Marine” I really wanted to incorporate an octopus into the image then i was kind stuck where I wanted to go with it so I decided to doodle some water lines into it and as I was working I remembered a print that I did last year. Its actually quite small, maybe 2 inches by 3.

So I incorporated the sail boat into the journal page. As I was making the page and drawing the water I kept hearing the Jaws theme in the background and remembering living in Penticton and going to the beach in the summer (after seeing Jaws) and worrying about what was under the surface of the water. Maybe Ogopogo, maybe giant sturgeon fish… you never know!

So today’s tasks include reading, watching some DIY network and perhaps a little art. I am also thinking that I want to make a duvet cover so I have to do a little research about what I want it to look like. A busy day of being lazy!!! I love vacation time.


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