Musical Ballyhoo

Well that title was fun to write!

The first word in my Art Journal was Elbowroom and then I managed to pick Musical. Which was good and fine but then the next word that I randomly landed on was not really…well…fine, ok it was Rectal and I was NOT going to do a journal page based on Rectal so I picked another word.

Do you blame me?

So yesterday was Musical and today was Ballyhoo! What fun words. Ballyhoo refers to a couple of different things but mostly it means publicity and hype in advertising…that was kind of boring. I wish I had looked it up beyond my little dictionary because it is also a type of baitfish. That is a little more interesting than “Hype in advertising”!

I am trying to decide what I want more of- text or image. It is hard to decide because while I enjoy the creation of the image my head keeps telling me that it is suppose to be more about the writing. I think my head is wrong and if I want to add more writing on the page I will. It is an ART Journal after all.

Have a great day!!

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