Art Journalling

I have developed a slight obsession with making art journals. Just slight. The fact that my kitchen table is covered (yet again) with art stuff is proof of that. The fact that I went to the Dollarama and bought 12 water bottles and several containers of rubbing alcohol (much to the dismay of the student clerk who kept saying “Lots of spray bottles” “Lots of alcohol”) and I still need to buy seven more spray bottles.

I also picked up several different stencils the most expensive being a Martha Stewart lacy doily set that I LOVE and several cheaper ones from the dollar store. So my kitchen table looks like this


I’ve been making backgrounds like crazy because it is fun and the outcomes can sometimes be unpredictable.

I’ve been feeling the need for a project…to add to my other projects. So I put together an Art Journal and set myself another challenge to art journal every day for the month of April. Then while I was making the cover and trying to decide on a theme I spelt the title wrong and decided to go with it. So “Happy Accident” was born.

So once I had made the cover I had to decide how i was going to journal on the inside. One of the nice things is that you can do all the background work before hand and don’t have to complete the page all in one day so I started prepping some of the pages. I think later today I am going to get the watercolours out and start doing a little painting and perhaps some pastel work in them. But for now some of the backgrounds look like this.

So what am I going to journal about would be the next question. Of course since I had already made the book I wanted to start a little early so I wanted to think of a way to embrace the “Happy Accidents” theme. What better way than to make it as random as possible. Out comes my handy, dandy dictionary I have had since Grade 5 and I start flipping the pages, with my eyes closed and stop and point and that word is what I will journal about on that page.

And the first word is…elbowroom!!! I did laugh at that one. So here is an early, “done before April but who cares” page.

I think I am going to add some watercolour to it but it is fun. I did also complete the inside cover of the journal-just for fun.

So a bit of puttering to do today then off for a fun evening of dinner and crafting and movies at a friends house. I need to do a post about the purse that I am making. Have a great day!



3 thoughts on “Art Journalling

  1. How wonderful that you are having so much fun and experimenting. I love the stencils, too. Your style is fabulous and I can tell, uniquely your very own. Love. Love. Love! It drives me crazy, too, when the cashier must ask why I’m buying so many of one thing. I usually just reply with “I’m an artist” and end of topic!

  2. I love the title “Happy Accident”…perfect! You have such beautiful stencils; our dollar stores don’t have such great art supplies. I think I love the page prepping stage about the best in the whole art journaling process. This looks like a fun project…good luck with your “art journal every day in April” goal!

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