January Photo every day…almost…

In January I started taking at least one photo every day and posting it on tumblr with some friends. I started late in january so the first couple of days I did not take photos but I have been doing it every day since. i wanted to show the pictures I have been taking but couldn’t figure out a good way of doing it. I finally sat down and worked with a photo editing program and sorta figured it out. Hence the title of this blog. i couldn’t get all the photos into the layout and wasn’t willing to fight any more with it so you are getting a look at 25 of my photos from january. When I feel like sitting down and fighting with my computer I will catch up for February and March. But not today!

They are also not in order. Ideally I would have put them in order but that wasn’t happening after an hour of fighting with it. In photoshop I know an easy way to tile your pictures together…I want photoshop…

2 thoughts on “January Photo every day…almost…

  1. I love this grid. How did you do this? Are your pictures taken with your ipod or a digital camera. It looks like a hipstamatic app, no? Very cool, indeed.

    1. Hi Veronica

      Pretty much all the pictures are done using hipstamatic- love that app. To make the grid I opened all the pictures in Gimp and reduced the size of them to 30% and then put them on a separate page. It took a while but I don’t really know an easier way!

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