Embrace the Life…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I realized that I had not posted in a while. Sometimes getting to the computer to sit down and write something is more than my day can handle. Plus I haven’t really had the time or the ambition to make anything. I did however finish something that I wanted to share. As you might know from previous posts I took an online class for lettering called “Letter Love” WEll worth it and I really enjoyed the class.

I was playing around with making backgrounds and tossing the idea in my head about doing this with my students. I had left the backgrounds on my desk for one day and the begging that resulted from that made me have to think a little harder about what I want them to learn by doing it. Plus since all the classes showed the same level of interest I needed to come up with ideas for the morning and afternoon because I have students that overlap in those times.

This is the first example for the morning class and not only are they going to be taught how to turn their handwriting into something more “artful” I will teach them how to make their own stencils for the background. I already signed up for her next class called “Artful Lettering” and I can’t wait to see how I am inspired this time!

The pictures turned out slightly darker than in real life and I need to work on setting up the photo’s better in natural light.The contrast between the background and the lettering could be stronger but perhaps it is the contrast in the background of the lettering pieces. “Life” stands out well but the background has more white in it.
I had a lot of fun with the painting and doodling. I put a light layer of white paint over the background and then painted the flower and paisley pattern over that. Didn’t like it. So then I added some doodles and outlining to sharpen things up and add some interest. Like it much better now.

Here is a video about the “Artful Lettering” class

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