Happy Accidents Journal

Today I have been working on getting my Letter Love Journal put together and worked just on the cover but I thought I would show some pictures of some of my favourite backgrounds that I made for the journal. I think that for today I am happy with what I got accomplished. I am going for a weekly crafting get together so I don’t have much more time today before I have to get ready for that. AND I am having problems working today because the darn dogs leash tripped my last night and I have sore wrists, hip, back and knees today so trying to get things accomplished is a little painful!! Darn dog needing to be stationed so she doesn’t run wild in the house!

Here is the cover. rather than glue on the lettering strips I decided to sew them on and I really do like the effect.

You can see the sewing a little better here.And here the colours are a little more accurate than the two pictures above. I might add a little bit of stickles (glitter glue) to the letters where the gold is…just to add a little something extra!

I enjoyed the process of making all the individual pages. Then coming up with a way to create my own patterned tape was exciting also.

All the pages are different sizes so when I do start adding the text to them I will have to play with adding picture/doodling so that I don’t get something that looks to mish-mashy.

This was a “happy accident” page. When i was spraying the pages they kept buckling so I put my spray bottle on the page to keep it flat and the ink was drawn to the bottle creating this really interesting circle-splotch. I did it multiple times after that.

Here are some of the example of the tapes that I made using carpet tape and double sided craft tape. The only tape that I did not make was the black and white polka dot one. I bought that one in vancouver and an very disappointed in it. Not very sticky and keeps coming off!

This was created the same way as the circle-splotch. I sprayed the heck out of the paper and layer the stencil on top and all the liquid was drawn to it. Not a fast way to go though because it takes over night to dry. If you lift the stencil too soon you just get a blurry blotch. Patience rewards you with crisp outlines. Plus I would do them jsut before going to bed so I wasn’t sitting there watching it dry.

I LOVE this page. Just before I laid the stencil on the page I sprayed it with a metallic paint and the gold was drawn to the pressure points and settled there! Another happy accident!

I didn’t take pictures of every page but I also had a lot of fun with dripping and layering. I didn’t have enough work space to do the pages exactly how was demonstrated in the class but I think that I came up with a good compromise and now i just have to get working on the individual pages!


4 thoughts on “Happy Accidents Journal

  1. Loved what you did with “paper” tape you made.. it’s very awesome and your pages of Happy Accident is great…


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