More DIY Washi Tape

My brain has been swirling with ideas for creating my own decorative washi tape and I spent another hour this morning experimenting with ideas.

This morning I have been using masking tape and double sided craft tape. Word of warning! Unless your masking tape specifically says that it is acid free it is NOT acid free. I’m using plain-jane masking tape and I am not really that concerned with it being acid free at this point.

I have found it easiest to simply apply my double sided tape to my tissue paper and then decorate it. That way I can make lots at once.


Then I can take my xacto knife or scissors and cut them out as i want them or cut them all out for easier storage.

Then I saw my masking tape.

I am using  Dr. Martens’ coloured india inks and my spray bottles tend to spray out in globs rather than a mist. I’m ok with that. When the ink dries it is permenant so I sprayed layers and layers of colour on.

When you are using masking tape or regular double sided tape that does not have a backing simply stick it to some wax paper. You can cut it out and peel it off pretty easily.

I was going to stamp it but then my sewing machine called me.

Here is one thing that I knew pretty quickly. I like how the sewing looks on the tape. However when I am going to peel it off the wax paper I am going to have to  peel each individual section off. Probably not something I will do everyday but its a cool look every once in a while.

So now I have a Letter Love journal to put together with all my lovely new, unique tapes. I’ll post that later today!

2 thoughts on “More DIY Washi Tape

  1. Love all this beautiful tape! I looked today for carpet tape, but didn’t find any that was double sided. What I found was rubbery on one side and sticky on the other. Oh well, I’ll keep looking. You have inspired me!

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