Faux Washi Tape

I’ve been eying and ogling washi tape for a while now. If you don’t know what washi tape is it is a Japanese masking tape that comes in a huge variety of colour and patterns and is just yummy. But…difficult to find in my little town. And even more annoying to have to order and pay shipping charges. And if I’m being honest…I’m cheap and don’t want to always order everything because eventually I can figure out how to get it cheaper or make it.

I did break down yesterday and order 5 rolls from this Etsy store called Washi Wishes because she was having a 20% off sale so I saved the shipping costs. but then I thought can I make this stuff.

Hello google!

One site was using cloth tape and another used double sided tape and I though “hummm”

Hello Dollar Store

Three hours and three dollars later I have a stinkload of new patterned tapes that I can use and it is totally unique! Here is what I used.

  • Tissue Paper
  • Double sided Carpet tape
  • Ink pads
  • Stamps
  • X-Acto Knife

I started by taking a sheet of tissue paper and laying it out and cutting strips of carpet tape and laying it onto the tissue paper. Don’t try to cut the tissue paper and lay it on the carpet tape. Doing it that way is a total pain because all the tape wants to do is stick to your fingers. if you just cut it and lay it down on the paper you will be much happier!

I know I have double sided scotch tape in the picture but I didn’t do as much with that…yet! You need to be able to stick the tape to some wax paper and I was being lazy about going upstairs to get it so I just stuck with the carpet tape.

So in this example I added a layer texture ( cannot remember the name of the red stuff- its the left over from cutting confetti!) and then laid the tissue paper on top of that. Then i got out my stamping supplies and went to town!

The tissue paper allows you to paint, stamp, use rub ons, get wet with water and that was just with a couple of hours of experimenting. My mind is swirling with ideas for more textures, designs and patterns!

I can’t wait to get to use these !!! And i have ideas on other tapes that I could use to make different widths of tape too! The possibilities are exciting (giggles and jumps in seat!)

4 thoughts on “Faux Washi Tape

  1. ok, I’m off to the dollar store!! Carpet tape…brilliant. I made mine with expensive red line scrapbooking tape, not real thrilled, cant wait to try your method!

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