Artsy Weekend

Last Thursday I headed out with another teacher to Vancouver for the BC Art Teachers Conference. so many pictures of fun things to share with you. The conference itself was fine. I have been to better ones in previous years and I have been to much worse ones so all in all it wasn’t that bad. I think part of the problem was that it was just really small. I am use to about 40+ different choices for workshops and this one had half as many. Turns out that the planners scheduled the conference for a weekend when only that district had the day for a Pro-D. So many art teachers that would normally participate could not be there.

The workshops themselves were interesting and I got the best ideas from the first one that I went to on combining text and portraiture. That one is going in my future planning file. The other workshop that stand out was the one where she presented the ideas as if she came up with them on her own in the middle of the night. However I saw those ideas on the internet too! Kinda funny actually.

I guess I’m just a little jaded when it comes to conferences and I do a LOT of research and idea gathering on my own. I try to change my approach about how I teach a subject every couple of years, if not every year. So I am on the constant lookout for interesting ways to present ideas and projects to the students.

Oh well it was great to get into Vancouver and wander around looking at the sights, people, art and stores. Here are some pictures of my trip.

I have this app on my phone where I can create a panorama picture by taking multiple shots and the program stitches them together.

5am is a good time to take pictures so that no strangers are in your photos!

This picture is of a statue of Emily Carr and her animals  created by Joe Fafard. While I would have loved to take more pictures when it is POURING rain you don’t stand still to long!

Granville island is lots of fun and a real highlight of going to Vancouver. Too bad it is SO expensive!! Oh well window shopping can be fun too!

Enjoyed looking at some art galleries. I didn’t take to many pictures of the art. Did see that one of the professors that was at Okanagan College had a show at one of the galleries. I didn’t take any pictures. I never did get his work…

I tried tog et a picture of the ice cream coming towards me but I was not fast enough. Sad Face! Actually if I was stuck in an ice cream costume in the pouring rain i would really have had a sad face!

Chocolate on Robson. Nuf said!

I enjoyed taking pictures on the Canada line when we were headed to the airport. The inter/exterior of the photos is fun.

I realize putting this together that I didn’t take many pictures of what Vancouver looks like. I guess I am not that interested in taking pictures of buildings and rainy day. perhaps if  the weather had been nicer I would have wanted to look up more!








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