Letter Loving 101

On a whim I decided to sign up for an online course being offered by Joanne Sharpe on lettering and how she goes about creating her interesting hand drawn lettering. Its been so much fun and I thought I would share what I have made over the last couple of lessons.

This is the cover of one of my workbooks. I have 2 going right now but couldn’t find the picture of the second one.

One of the things that I like about the course is the freedom and the encouragement to use the techniques demonstrated to create your own version of it. Not just simply copy what she does. THis next one was created first by drawing out each letter with a super fine tipped felt pen and then I water-coloured the whole thing

This next one is the companion assignment of the one above. i wasn’t totally feeling the letter style that I choose to do so i might do another and change up how I draw out the letters. I like, however the contrast in colouring that goes horizontally and vertically.

This is just the start to another page that I wanted to have leaves and stars on. Not finished yet and you can see where the watercolours bled through from the last page I was working on.

One of my favourite pages so far. had a lot of fun creating the circle centres of the flowers and the watercolour painting was fun too.

I did the flower one above and the dream one below last night one after another. I think it took me about 3 hours to complete both of them. I really like the way of creating a word using the technique taught below.

This is one of my disasters. I wasn’t feeling the work that night and just couldn’t get into it then I made a mistake in the wording and had to try and fix it. I refuse to draw it out in pencil first then ink it. It takes away some of the spontaneity for me but when I am tired mistakes happen. Then I kinda said “Screw it” and just gave up a bit.

However I do feel like I redeemed myself with this one. Like it much better than the first one I did (Ugly stepsister!)

This is actually the first one in my sketchbook and it was done with pastels, felt pen and a bit of watercolour.

So I think we are only on lesson 10 or 11 so I am excited to see how this evolves since I already really like the results so far!


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