Butterflies For Brynne!

My niece’s birthday is coming up soon and rather than send her more and more toys (which she probably does not need) i want to make my nieces presents that they will be able to have and appreciate for a long time. Or that can be appreciated by Mom and Da until they are old enough to know how much homemade gifts really mean.

And how many kids have an auntie that can make them cool art things. So the idea started here with something I saw on Pinterest.

I like the 3-Dness of it. And it sparked a ‘hummm’

However the plain white background is not me or even the orderliness of it. Straight lines. blah Anyway I didn’t want to copy it I was just inspired by it.

I started with some watercolour paper that I splattered with a resist medium and then painted a blochy purple. After that dired I traced some of the butterflies out and outlined them with glue and sprinkled glitter on them (Every 3 year old needs some glitter) then i punched out some butterflies and attached with with glue to the paper.

Mom made a frame for it and I just have to finish painting it purple.

Since it is a birthday present I cut out one white butterfly and wrote her name and birthday in it and glued it near the top

My other niece is getting the same thing for her birthday in June since they really do have to get the same thing or jealously reigns.

When Mom was making the shadow box she glued in the trim that was holding the glass in place before I could paint it. To cover the wood that was showing I applied a layer of glue then glitter over the moulding that you could see.

Works well I think! Now to go wrap the Barbies that she will want to play with!

Happy Birthday Brynne!

3 thoughts on “Butterflies For Brynne!

  1. I love your art work so much.. i would like to make a similar butterfly picture for my brand new niece.. where did you get the butterflies from? did you cut them out yourself? and what did you use to “punch” out the little openings on some of them? thanks.. marisa

    1. Thanks Marisa! I bought a punch and used about 6 different kind of coordinating scrapbook paper. I then used distress ink and inked them all. Then I just bent them a little and glued them down randomly. It was easy and I would live to see the one you make for your neice!!

      1. Thanks Kim,, i’m heading off to Michaels right now to look for that butterfly punch !! i have so much scrap paper to use up.. I have two more nephews on the way as well so this punch will get lots of use. I saw the original post of this butterfly idea on Pinterest and felt it needed some pizazz ! you sure added that ingredient. i’ll post one as soon as i’m done with it. thanks again

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