Entertainment Centre

Mom’s Christmas present to me was a new entertainment centre that she was going to build. I had found plans online of one that I liked and so we started buying all the supplies that we needed to get it done. We had a bit of a make shift, hodge podge of different things put together to hold our TV and all the stuff that goes with it.

The thing that neither of us liked was that you could see all the cords hanging in the back and that it was three separate things across the whole wall. The dresser, black book stand and the coffee table held everything that we needed but didn’t look too put together.

It took Mom about 2 weeks in total to get everything built to her satisfaction and even now there are a few thing that are not quite right that she wants to fix.

You can still see the dresser on the left hand side and her next project is to build the side hutches for the cabinet. This is what the original plan looked like and if you click on the picture it will take you to the original website that I found the design.

You can see that we changed several things about the design to fit our preferences. Less drawers for one and we eliminated the shelve under the TV and put the PVR and the BlueRay in the bottom portion of the hutch. We also made our taller than the original plan called for. It was only suppose to be 6 feet tall but when you are 6 feet tall it feels a little too short. Ours is a couple inches bigger than that.

When she builds the side shelves that are going to be about 6 inches shorter than the middle cabinet to scale it back a little but the bottom doors are going to be the same  height all the way across. This part of the unit cost about $200 and the other 2 sides are probably going to cost about the same. But all told $400 for an entire entertainment hutch is money well spent!

And yes my Mom built this whole thing with her own two hands. The only help she got was a little lifting and perhaps the purchase of a compressor and nail gun from yours truly for Christmas!

Good job Mom!

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