Journals and Deer Heads!

Busy weekend to be had here. Not only did the temperature change from -2 on Friday to -28 with a windchill of -43 today but it was busy with stuff to do. I’m not going to complain about the change in the weather because we have had it so goiid here with the unseasonably warm weather that a little colness won’t kill me!

Mom has worked really hard building the entertainment unit and has done a fabulous job and she is finished. I need to get some paint because we decided to paint it grey and I really don’t want to pull everything out of it to paint it again once we have it set up. It was even made to hold a MUCH bigger TV. Very excited about the possibility only. Our TV is going to have to do for a while but at least the unit was built with potential.

As soon as we have set up I will take some pictures.

Last night I went over to a friends for a craft night. LAst time we did this we made freezer paper t-shirts (here) and last night we made foam core deer heads! I know sounds weird but they turned out super cool.

We had found this pattern online and so it took us four hours to cut out the foam core and glue or paper onto the pattern and trim it all up. It was a really fun project that has sparked ideas for a school project too. I also believe that a moose and a unicorn are going to be joining my deer shortly!

Today I got busy decorating two journal covers that I have been meaning to get to. I am not only going to b doing more art journalling myself but plan on introducing it as a semester long project for my classes. So I needed to make some examples of what they can look like. I also have to make an example only using supplies that I have at school so that the students that dont want to go out and buy “stuff” can make something interesting.

Had a bit of fun playing with the setting of Hipstamatic hence the funky pictures.

So tonight a little knitting and  planning for the week.


I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I should clarify that 90% of the class is great and cause me no problems but…you know how your big toe is less than 10% of your body. When you stub it you become acutely aware of that particular appendage and how much it can cause you pain.

Ten percent can be a big deal. Trust me.

Anyway off to watch the Golden Globes. I want to see Ricky Gervais rip into some celebrities. Should be good.

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