Rug Makeover

I have been working on cleaning up, organizing and decorating my workspace in the basement. I’ve painted the walls, gone through some of my hoarded art supplies and garbaged things I didn’t know that I had thus did not need and generally just have tried to make it a better looking space. i thought that I had taken pictures as a”before” but I think the computer ate them…out of shame! It was bad, a dumping ground. A “I don’t know where to put this, I’ll deal with it later” space.

One of the things that bugged me most was the rugs. I know the mess should bother me more but I like being able to see everything. i forget what I have if I can’t see it so having it out is not a problem for me.  If I put everything into baskets or pretty containers it might look nice but I can’t figure out where anything is!

Back to the rug. Prepare your eyes for hideousness.

They are both ugly. I hate them. I avert my eyes when I go downstairs and dream of lovely pretty rugs. So as I was puttering and organizing downstairs I thought “Paint them” and thought “ok, where’s the paint” Have I mentioned I am a little impulsive. I might also admit that I will do almost anything to get out of organizing so painting sounded way more fun!

Now i didn’t ever really think of painting the plush-ish side of the rug. That would have been ridiculous and used up way too much paint ( I know because I tried to paint a rug in university and it was a disaster) However if you flip the rug over you have a lovely textured side that can be painted on. I don’t need the rug for cosiness on feet because i don’t ever walk around barefoot (it’s a thing)

So problem number one was that no matter how many coats of white paint I applied ( the upper part has three layers) the pattern from the rug still showed through. So my solution.

Start with a dark paint…so much easier! One coat covered everything.

Next I used a drywall ruler and started measuring everything out.  My rug was 60 inches wide so I made measurements every 10 inches and created a grid. This made sure that my chevron ended nicely and started and stopped going in the same direction. One the length of my rug I ended up cutting off about 4 inches of my chevron but I don’t care because I don’t do math and the 60 inch measurement was easy to figure out!

Making the stripe is easy. Just use your tape and make a diagonal line across your square going down. Then the next one up, then down, then up. You get the idea.

The next set of squares is the bottom of your chevron. This is the tricky part. If the bottom of the tape is considered the top of your chevron you have to line that up with the corner of your square.

If the top of your tape is considered the bottom of your chevron you need to line up the top of your tape with the corner of the square…clear as mud?

Here look- Notice how the tape comes to a point on top of the line. Then on the chevron underneath the tape comes to a point underneath the line.

If you just simply make the tape the same on both rows it is going to make the chevron’s different sizes. Now I was using 1 inch tape but I would have still noticed. So I was picky.

Next you have to seal the edges of your tape. Inside the chevrons that you are painting your contrasting colour you apply another thick layer of paint on top of the tape. Just on the inside of the chevron. This will help stop the contrasting colour from bleeding under the tape. Make it thick. It won’t hurt anything and it will have touch ups later.

I put a little tape in the chevron that I was not painting just to help me remember not to paint.

Then put on some snazzy owl pyjamas at 4 in the afternoon (after dealing with crazy Grade 10’s and you need a brain break) and start painting the inside of your chevrons.

Now if I was thinking I would have stopped at the Dollar Store and pick up some foam rollers so I didn’t have to paint this with a paint brush but hindsight, ya know. Oh well I watched an episode of Buffy to entertain me “Beer Bad” helped the time pass.

And paint, and smoosh, and dab and squish.

So because I did not get enough gray paint under my tape to seal it my white bled through. However it is nothing that another episode of Buffy and a little paintbrush won’t fix.

I only took the tape off the first two stripes but I kept getting white on my grey and decided to stop making a mess and be patient. Now notice that I used ugly rug #2 to paint on for ugly rug #1. The second rug is 8 x10 and I am going to paint it but I need to decide what colour and pattern etc, etc.

Notice my shelves are still a mess. I just shoved and stuffed and stacked until I can figure out how I want it organized. Like I said, painting was more exciting than organizing!

When everything is complete I will post after pictures of everything that I have changed.

Off to knit

9 thoughts on “Rug Makeover

  1. I’ve done this & my rug is sticky! I read on one blog to cover with polyurethane as the final coat. I did this hoping it would deal it & it wouldn’t be sticky. However, it’s now even more sticky! Any tips on what I can do?

    1. So what kinda of paint did you use and what type of polyurethane? It doesn’t make sense that it is sticky if you used sceptic paint and water clean up polyurethane? It might be sticky of you used an oil based poly and it isn’t drying properly…let me know!

      1. The paint could be my first problem considering I’m not sure what ‘sceptic’ paint is. I just used regular paint from Home Depot. And I’m not sure which kind of poly I used. I real on it & decided one would be better than the other. I’m not at where the rug is at the moment but I will look tomorrow & see which kind I used. If I did use an oil based, will I be able to just go over it with the water based poly & it no longer have the tackiness? Thanks for your help 🙂

      2. Sorry twitched and sent before finished. The paint was probably you problem it may have been an oil based paint which would take longer to dry. If your poly was also an oil based then I’m not sure if you can put a water based on top they usually don’t mix.

        If everything was oil based then time to let it cure is what you need.

        Hope it works out for you!

        Best wishes.


  2. Unfortunately it’s been painted for over a week or two. If its still sticky now, you think it’s gonna stay sticky?

    1. If it was a latex paint I am not sure why it is not drying unless there is something special in the septic paint…might have to ask the hardware store about that…I’ve never heard of that before. Now the drying of the poly overtop of something already not drying is the problem. Usually oil based paints dry through oxidation (chemical reaction with the air) rather than evaporation.

      If it stays sticky the only thing that you can do is take some paint thinner and take it off…however if you used the foam mats the paint thinner will probably have a chemical reaction with the thinner…I’m guessing melting.

      If you don’t want to start all over I would suggest just leaving it alone to see what happens in another week or so. If it starts to get less sticky you know that eventually it will be dry. However if it remains as sticky I think you will just have to chalk it up to experience. The oil based primer should not be an issue over latex paint…it just takes longer to dry. However if, for example the paint you used has a tar in it (which I am wondering) then it is probably never going to dry.

      I’m sorry i couldn’t give you better news. Hope this helps

  3. Yes it is an oil based poly & the paint is a latex. Guess I should have done a little more research before fully painting a rug this big. Any ideas on what I can do to salvage it?

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