My Top 10 Pins

Thought that I would share some of the things that I have been pinning on Pinterest this week. I seriously love Pinterest. Like I told someone this week. “Pinterest is the place that remembers all the cool things I see, on the net,  for me”

I’ve been thinking about art journalling a lot lately and wanting to paint so i guess that’s why the following pictures are showing up!. I linked each picture to my Pinterst. From there you can click on the picture and it will take you to where the original picture was pinned on the interwebs. Sometimes it leads to a a website and sometimes not.

Love this painting.

I love that this one is made from fabric and stitching. Not sure if it is sewing machine…kinda looks like it to me. Just pretty and it has dogs which I like.

I feel like I might have shown you this one before but how can I not. It’s shades of pink and cake.

I really want to make this and save a little money on soap. I found another one for laundry soap but I doubt I could find what I need in our little town. Nice to save a little cash on though.I love this keyboard and if I had a lovely selection of Washi Tape I would be doing this to my keyboard.

I really want to paint a pair of shoes…really, really, really. Especially like this. Now to find the shoes for it!

This is really cool too. And I have all the stuff for it so I may just have to try it out. Tie-Dye with sharpies. How cool is that!

Now for my favourite find of the week. It’s kinda epic and I might have to make one. Especially since it comes with a pattern

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