Freezer Paper Stencils


This year I have decided to make weekly DIY posts of all the different projects that I usually have on the go. It will range from crafts to home deco stuff and art… almost anything that i have going on the burner.

Last week I got together with friends and we made freezer paper stencils. If you have never seen this you are simply cutting out a design on freezer paper. Ironing it onto your fabric and adding some paint to make the stencil.

I have to say that freezer paper is awesome stuff and while I had a bit of a challenging time finding it it was well worth the effort.

So the first thing to do is find your image to stencil. I decided I was going to do an owl and challenged myself to cut out a complicated stencil. Thing is that you don’t have to be able to draw to do this project! All you need is a black and white image and trace it! When I googled “silhouettes” look at the cool images I found here  and Flower Silhouettes

Both of these would work great because they are only black and white. Look for images that are free to use and if you want to do almost anything you can find the silhouette! But obviously what you need is patience and a steady hand with an exacto knife!

Here is my image that i cut out. I think it took me at least an 1.5 to 2 hours. Very fiddley but I LOVE it!

 So everything that is white  within the owl has been cut out. The blue is the colour of the silkscreen ink that I used.

So the process is

  1. Draw your image out on the paper side of the freezer paper.
  2. Cut it out using an exact knife. Remember that everything you are cutting out is going to be the final coloured parts of your image.
  3. Place the stencil onto the fabric you are using to stencil one. Iron it down. The plastic on the other side of the freezer paper bonds to the t-shirt and is what gives you crisp edges!
  4. Next apply your paint to the stencil. You can use fabric paint or a fabric medium added to acrylic paint. I used some fabric silkscreen inks that I got at Wal-Mart. Cheap and lots of colour variety! I used a stencil brush and dabbed the paint on. Put a piece of paper in the inside of your t-shirt so that the ink doesn’t bleed through to the other side. It shouldn’t but better safe than sorry!
  5. I applied a base coat and then went back into it before it dried and added some lighter colours to create some variety. Once it is dry carefully peel your stencil off and set aside.
  6. I used my stencil twice and could have probably managed one more print but it was starting to bleed through in areas


This is what the blue one looked like on the  white t-shirt.

And this is the second one that I did on a lilac t-shirt using purple, pink and white inks

I still have to iron them to set them but I had to wait 24 hours before doing that. I need to play around with altering my t-shirts before I wear it because they fit a little fun since they are men’s shirts!

They are so easy and fun!


2 thoughts on “Freezer Paper Stencils

    1. Being honest I simply went and googled “Owl Drawings” and found one i liked and drew it out…I didn’t save my source at the time and couldn’t find it with a quick look. Sorry about that!

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